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Ginsanitary Fridays

@ Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub
Promotion expired
Ginsanitary Fridays @ Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub
Yes folks GINSANITY has arrived at Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub and it’s something you gin aficionados will love.
As you know we are working our way toward having 69 gins (64 right now on the shelves!!) from around the world available for your pleasure.
So with all that gin we have to make sure you drink it. Right?

Right! So here’s the deal.

Starting Friday, 1 March (5pm to 10.30pm) and thereafter every Friday GINSANITY will offer:
Choose any 4 gins for a set price and try to taste them all (it will take some time...maybe...) and if you feel peckish, try our pairing food board of tasty morsels to go with them (e.g. smoked salmon, soft shell crab and cucumber and much more).

It’s a deal that’s worth going a little “insane” for.

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