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Swine and Wine

@ Plum Prime Steakhouse
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Swine and Wine @ Plum Prime Steakhouse

Of course pigs, otherwise known in edible form as pork, and wine, go together beautifully. We can prove it.

Our Swine and Wine June specials will feature Spain’s “Black Iberian Pig” pork matched with the best wines from our extensive cellar. The Iberico pig produces a unique taste because it loves to eat--get this—acorns. The pigs are raised on the Iberian Peninsula which is rich in natural resources, including a variety of oak trees producing acorns the hungry little swine seem to enjoy. The result is a particularly delicious ham that we will be injecting into four carefully prepared dishes at Plum Prime Steakhouse. For example an appetizer of Caña de Lomo iberico is made of smoked and cured loin matured in natural caves for six months. Now that’s taking care of the ham! Or Pluma de iberico, one of the most sought after cuts of the collar, massaged, stone crushed, served hand sliced on wild arugula and cherry tomatoes. A main of Presa de iberico is a sought after collar cut served with an aged Castelmagno cheese risotto. The king of pork cuts is Chuleta de iberico, wet cured, apple wood cold smoked and gently charcoal roasted.

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